Competitiveness Learners at IITB Celebrate Independence Day Differently

To the nature showering incessant blessings through rain on the business capital of India and its IIT, we prayed for a small window, so that the participants of our biathlon, who were eager to donate their sweat for a cause on such an auspicious day, can come out in larger numbers. The members of the core organizing team from the Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management (SJMSOM), IITB course “International Competitiveness” who had worked hard were pleasantly surprised, when they started the meeting at @ 5:10 AM and saw beautiful clear skies. The nature was really with us, as it allowed the diverse audience from school girls, who all completed the biathlon, to veteran professors and IIT alumni from leading marathon firm of India participated in great spirits. A glimpse of the energy is visible in the photo. Many of them were first timers for a biathlon, still they participated and completed in spirit. The activity is organized by the core team consisting of mostly the learners of the unique competitiveness course as a social responsibility towards a worthy cause. Several learners and the participants practice and explore next level challenges, such as triathlon, swimathon and beyond. The energetic alumni of the course are doing well and building capabilities to climb heights in personal and professional lives. We acknowledge support of all the volunteers, institute management and other key stakeholders.

Energy at the start of biathlon

Energy at the start of biathlon

If you are an accomplished energetic youth with keen interest in competitiveness research, please talk to our team @ how can you get linked up with some exceptional professionals exploring a wonderful micro-mission of competitiveness at magnificent Mumbai’s innovative IIT and its beautiful campus. Please revisit this space to know @ project opportunities.

Thank you all volunteers, participants and supporters.

Here are few additional photos for you. Enjoy.

Instruction by Reddy Coach to the Participants

Volunteers of the core team: Aman, Ankur, Ketan, Prabhakar and others

6 thoughts on “Competitiveness Learners at IITB Celebrate Independence Day Differently

  1. I congratulate the competitiveness team from SJMSOM, IIT Bombay and the Sports Council of IIT Bombay on successful completion of I-Day Race Biathlon Race 2.0 . It is quite a unique initiative and the most interesting fact is it that it was started by a small research team from IITB.This is the true example of where rubber meets roads, where the academicians meet the sports enthusiasts.
    What brings more joy than waking up early on such auspicious occasions and running for a cause. A CAUSE to nurture Healthier IITians for more sustainable IITB, to boost national integrity and to encourage greener communing through cycling. Participating in this ‘joy’ ride, having friendly post-race chats with professors and other campus residents, who you didn’t even realize were a part of IITB, makes it more memorable.
    I was fortunate to be a part of this biathlon event both on the organizing side as well as the participation side.I hope more IITians encourage such races by volunteering or participating in them. It was definitely an event worth experiencing for me.


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