Swimathon14 for Group on Competitiveness (GoC)

The event which our Group on Competitiveness (GoC) awaits eagerly came at an auspicious time, peak of election heat.  The year is also exciting in many respects such as:

  • India will decide direction of its future through mega-poll & start working harder for better growth
  • In sports: we will see depth of Indian youth in Commonwealth , Youth Olympics and Asian Games; Olympics will need a few more years of preparation under dynamic leadership

The organizing team had planned more systematically this year. Better posters and banners were out well in time. Online registration  attracted large numbers, yet on-the-spot also saw many more. The event started well on time and pool was full of energy.


The swimmers enjoying the music in water

The swimmers enjoying the music in water

Here are some key notable elements for :

  • No. of persons completing climbed new peak of 48, a significant jump over the last year
  • Campusite (Sakshi Kale) ranked 1st with 30.6 KM, leaving B.Tech.  topper far behind (27.9 km); 6 girls completed (incl. 2 campusites)
  • First time we saw bigger group for SJMSOM
  • M.Mgt. also participated, completed and  enjoyed; massive jump from past levels
  • Faculty also participated and climbed a step; we look forward to better participation by faculty in coming years
The joy of enduring 12 hours (at 5:30 a.m.)

The joy of enduring 12 hours (at 5:30 a.m.)

More details of swimathon and triathlon can be seen at:http://gymkhana.iitb.ac.in/~swimclub/ Some pleasant surprises were there for us.  Our biathlon core members Pranusha and Tarun (both came from different hubs of India) also visited. Members of “Group on Competitiveness” got a live experiment to enjoy the spirit of IITB aquatics.  For a glimpse of exciting experiment, please have a look at the paper Pranusha presented in EU. We hope to send bigger group from SJMSOM in coming years, as GoC grow bigger and attracts more energetic members. The spirit of participants who endured the swimathon rekindles memories of a classic song:  

हम चलेंगे साथ साथ एक दिन… मन में है विश्वास….  

हमें उस दिन का इन्त्ज़ार है, जब हमारेदलके सदस्य अधिक ऊंचाई के लिए चुनौती लेने हेतु तैयार हो जाएंगे।  GoC welcomes such enduring learners in competitiveness offerings at IIT Bombay such as ‘Minor course in Management’ “International Competitiveness (MGT671),” mini-projects.   If very keen on swimathon, other higher level challenges and related research, feel free to contact “Group on Competitiveness” at momaya@iitb.ac.in with subject “Swimathon 2014 your name”