IITB Independence Day Biathlon 2014

A younger group of competitiveness course took the challenge to organize the I-Day biathlon in 2014, a special year for sports, as IITB hosts the 50th Inter-IIT meet, and also a year of Asian Games.  Several surprises were bound to happen with the new team, but planning started on time.  Online registration progressed smoothly with digital media and posters. Here are key highlights of the event:

  • Larger percentage of participants getting bicycles ready to roll
  • More than 20 completed the biathlon, significant improvement in percentage terms
  • Women daringly completing the same length; one also  secured the second place
  • Interactions with Padma Shri Awardee and IITB Lifetime Achievement Awardee Professor Deepak Phatak after completing biathlon was a rare opportunity for participants
  • Inspiring enduro story from Dr. Reddy coach, the professional behind aquatics strength such as Swimathon
Prof. Phatak sharing insights

Prof. Phatak sharing insights

Prof. Deepak Phatak sharing words of wisdom

Reddy Coach advising participants

Reddy Coach advising participants

Story of enduring people by Reddy Coach  was very enjoyable

Members of organizing team

Members of organizing team

Members of organizing team will aim high at next levels

                Happy to see the spirit of the independence day being imbibed by some very capable youth at IITB, who will climb heights tomorrow. We look forward to more volunteers keen to work on quality improvement aspects of the project of “Group on Competitiveness” at IIT Bombay.  Start from local arena, but aim high to test fitness internationally.


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