Opportunities to work with Group on Competitiveness (GoC) at IITB

Group on competitiveness (GoC) is a unique group with mission to contribute to competitiveness research and learning in IITs. Mentored by experienced team, members have been contributing significantly to take India in Top 15.

For a project on venture competitiveness, we are looking for energetic youth with very high fitness levels (ideally swimathon or triathlon, or at least marathon). Details can be seen in this file. Candidates possessing the requisite qualification and experience should send their detailed resume to momaya@iitb.ac.in with subject: ‘Your Name’ Tough Challenge 15.
Detailed resume should include a brief description of key projects worked on & references. Please include in your resume a brief statement of purpose (SOP, giving mid & long term plan, reasons to work on Venture Competitiveness project at IITB).


IITB Republic-day Biathlon 2015

IITB biathlons have been attracting loyal participants as well as amateurs.  This year was no exception about the challenge and spirit of new organizing team.  Long week-end, participation in inter-college sports meet (for management students) and winter early morning can provide enough reasons for people less keen to participate.  We had sought cooperation from key members of the “IITB Sports Council”, which they promised with enthusiasm.

Some key highlights of the event are

  • While overall numbers were lesser, high enthusiasm of participants; more that 90 % completed full biathlon, perhaps the highest percentage ever
  • Mens category had some strong competitors
  • Several veteran professors supported the event; by words of wisdom from their long experiences, if not directly participating
  • S. Soman, Prof. B.K. Chakravarthy graced the event
Prof. Soman giving medal to a winner

Prof. Soman giving medal to a winner

The best part of the event was getting wonderful tips from veteran Professors, who have sustained in much intense events for decades. Prof. Soman and Prof. Shart Chandarn shared several tips for benefit of participants. They urged aspiring winners to sustain practices, at least 2-3 times week.

At the same time, there are areas where improvements are needed.  Relatively low desire of many young learners to take the challenge of collective health is a major challenge.  Group and team health are not adequate to bring whole groups to the field.  Without adequate no. of participants and groups, competition is sub-par to aim at next levels.

We wish to thank all, who directly or indirectly has been supporting the initiative.  We wish to thank Prof. Yajnik, Dean students for desire to help.  Prof. Sharat Chandran  and Reddy coach has been contributing in many roles over years.  We also thank amateur organizing team (snap below) for taking the challenge and deliver to best of their skills and abilities. Please do visit relevant sections of this blog for updates, incl. about research project opportunities.

Members of core organizing team

Members of core organizing team with hostel staff who provided service


Volunteers who made the event possible with Prof. Sharat

Volunteers who made the event possible with Prof. Sharat and Prof. Chakravarthy

Indicative timing of lead players are given here for illustrative purpose only.  Considering the situation and limitations, these should be considered illustrative only and not definitive.

Table  Indicative timing of lead players in men and women category

Lead players – Men
Manoj Saini 23 min 52 sec
Rakesh Meena 23 min 57 sec
Divyang 25 min 39 sec
Prof. Sharat 26 min 23 sec
Kuldeep Singh 26 min 32 sec
Lead players – Women 
Nisha Naikodi 16 min 45 sec
Jyotsana Parmar 22 min 39 sec
Deepa More 24 min 25 sec

Best of practice for exciting 2015.

New Opportunities in 2015

2014 was a remarkable year in many respects. On the macro front, the masses in India tried to overcome limitations of the democratic system in India to give a clear mandate for a stable and energetic government at the center. With initiatives such as ‘Make in India’, India will break-out of decades of stagnation in industries (such as manufacturing) to create jobs for capable youth and start addressing imbalances (e.g. on trade; for a glimpse of competitiveness impact of such balances, please refer to the Chapter in International Competitiveness).


At the local level, we had an enjoyable year preparing for next level challenges.  We could try some experiments, and capable learners of competitiveness started testing heights.  Here is just a glimpse of events at IITB, experiments, initiatives and achievements of members.

  • IITB hosted the 50th Inter-IIT sports meet and also secured top ranks in women (student as well as staff) and men (staff). The achievements are built on years of efforts, and initiatives in last few months
  • SJMSOM hosted first program on “MOT and Competitiveness”
  • Alumni of the competitiveness course have achieved new heights: e.g.
    • Pranusha won Dewang Mehta Award & cash prize of Rs. 1.25 lakhs & many other competitions (see other part of blog)
  • Two alumni have secured placement in leading Japanese firms such as NTT and Nomura; plan to land in Japan in 2015
  • Our SJMSOM Ph.D. students have started working in Japan
  • An associate represented SJMSOM, IITB at leading MoT conference, PICMET 2014 in Japan. Glimpse of work can be seen at scopus.
  • I was invited to give keynote as “Doctoral Consortia” at an international conference at IIT Roorkee. Could address more than 100 researchers.
  • Participated in paper development workshop at IIMB
  • Member of our “Strategy and Competitiveness Lab” defended Ph.D. on critical topic of “Technological Competitiveness”. Another student defended thesis on IPR; altogether 15 students have already completed projects and defended Ph.D. thesis. Most of them are contributing to competitiveness of their firms/institutes in dynamic positions such as VP.
  • Work by members of “Group on Competitiveness” is getting shared and cited on researchgate, scopus, scholar
  • + + many more, such as increasing number of our students participating in marathon, swimmathon and higher levels

For keynote address at Doctoral Consortium at 18th International Conference at IIT Roorkee with Professors Ramesh, Rangnekar, Sushil and Prakash


We have plans for some exciting projects in 2015.  Illustrative ones are:

  • Encouraged by achievements of competitiveness learners (highlighted at different places in blogs or scholar) new course “MGT679 Competitiveness for Sustainable Enterprises” (available as institute elective in slot 6; Wed. & Fri. – 11:00-12:30; Venue: LT303) will be piloted for the first time at IITB.  Burning issues of competitiveness, sustainability and climate change will be addressed in this interesting course.  Small group interactive course will provide opportunities for capable and innovative groups to compete at different levels to learn.  Examples of levels where they can participate & learn are:
    • Local levels in IITB/ Mumbai:
    • Regional level: in Western India such as IIMA/Pune
    • 15th Global Conference that may come to India
  • It is ideal for learners who have done some course in competitiveness, but we may consider capable and healthy students keen on learning and challenges
  • Unique workshop on “Internationalization and Competitiveness” for professionals keen on climbing heights
  • Members and groups will practice to participate in local events incl. Half Marathons
  • + + more as the year evolves

Follow our blog to get updates on activities, project openings and other opportunities.

Professionals of MoT for Competitiveness

New opportunities open up for firms, organizations or units that discern paradigm shifts early on and orient their leaders (particularly energetic leaders of tomorrow) to new ideas.  Such shift is evolving, as some leaders in India start understanding the basics of MoT and competitiveness to grow economically.

An experiment by SJM School of Management (SJMSOM), IITB provided an interesting opportunity to several experienced practitioners and learners of management of technology (MoT).  The program “Management of Technology and Innovation for Competitiveness” attracted  leaders from all over India.  The unique program was designed to provide skills and concepts at interface of MoT and competitiveness.


Glimpse of experienced, yet enthusiastic learners from across India

 They also got opportunities to get perspectives from veteran leaders who have successfully leveraged MoT for differentiation, such as Dr. Kamal Sharma, Vice-Chairman of Lupin—one of the largest and fastest growing specialty pharmaceutical companies globally.  With massive spending of more than 8 % of revenues and about 1500 scientists in R&D at the facility in Pune, Lupin has growing revenues from challenging markets such as Japan.  The learners also visited some of the most innovative labs on IITB campus.


 Dr. Kamal Sharma, Vice Chairman of Lupin, sharing insights

      Learners also tried hands-on, in groups, to structure a problem of their interest.  The need for change to face competition was identified by several groups.  The urge to be competitive was appreciated by most professionals. They worked hard in evenings to characterize problems and think about causes.  The awareness programme provided a direction, and concepts. The concepts need to be understood by application, adapted and used judiciously, to diagnose competitiveness challenges and role of MoT. They are provided with post program material such as paper on “Strategic_Technology_Management,” and access to journals such as International Journal of Global Business and Competitiveness (IJGBC).

Being a first programme on MoT & Competitiveness in Mumbai, there has been lot of learning for young members of the Group on Competitiveness (GoC) (for more details on the unique group, click on the hyperlinks).   The members worked very hard to give a lot of inputs to learners.  We are reviewing the feedback received and hope to make improvements in the next programme.  We thank all the participants for their active participation, feedback and kind words they have expressed in emails.

If competitive waters are to be faced, let us learn to swim sooner and think MoT to differentiate.  Let us strengthen our skills, knowledge and perspectives to provide new views to our groups about competing for future. Lot of hard work for mind and body, but some of the learners have aspirations to change themselves and their groups rapidly, at least to compete locally.  We at SJMSOM hope to inspire such enduring professionals, as SJMSOM enters thirties.


Leveraging technology for competitiveness by Dr. Kamal Sharma

IITB Independence Day Biathlon 2014

A younger group of competitiveness course took the challenge to organize the I-Day biathlon in 2014, a special year for sports, as IITB hosts the 50th Inter-IIT meet, and also a year of Asian Games.  Several surprises were bound to happen with the new team, but planning started on time.  Online registration progressed smoothly with digital media and posters. Here are key highlights of the event:

  • Larger percentage of participants getting bicycles ready to roll
  • More than 20 completed the biathlon, significant improvement in percentage terms
  • Women daringly completing the same length; one also  secured the second place
  • Interactions with Padma Shri Awardee and IITB Lifetime Achievement Awardee Professor Deepak Phatak after completing biathlon was a rare opportunity for participants
  • Inspiring enduro story from Dr. Reddy coach, the professional behind aquatics strength such as Swimathon
Prof. Phatak sharing insights

Prof. Phatak sharing insights

Prof. Deepak Phatak sharing words of wisdom

Reddy Coach advising participants

Reddy Coach advising participants

Story of enduring people by Reddy Coach  was very enjoyable

Members of organizing team

Members of organizing team

Members of organizing team will aim high at next levels

                Happy to see the spirit of the independence day being imbibed by some very capable youth at IITB, who will climb heights tomorrow. We look forward to more volunteers keen to work on quality improvement aspects of the project of “Group on Competitiveness” at IIT Bombay.  Start from local arena, but aim high to test fitness internationally.

International Competitiveness course for energetic UGs

Happy with performance of B.Tech. students, the Group on Competitiveness (GoC) has decided to experiment with offering the unique course “International Competitiveness (IC; MGT671)” as a Management Minor in 2014, year when India & her youth is awakening to its true potential & next levels.   Students who excelled in the course have continued to climb heights.

For example, PRANUSHA MANTHRI- runner-up of a national level leadership award (CWLA 2013-14, presented a paper in Competitiveness at the IEEE-ITMC conference 2013 in EU, participated Enduro3 in 2013 and is an avid cycling enthusiast. She will be available online to mentor capable and aspiring learners online at pranusha.manthri@gmail.com in June.


Pranusha presenting the paper at IEEE conference in Europe

VIVEK SHIVADE – is a highly enduring adventure seeker, with various accolades in mountaineering, camping, trekking, traveling and cycling. Here is a glimpse of his achievements:


  • Summited Mt. Friiendship (17353 ft.)
  • Traversed Pindari- Kafni- Shalang glaciers (125 kms 20 days height gained 19000 ft)
  • Graduate from National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) – A grade
  • Basic and Advance Mountaineering Courses A grade
  • Finished 5th in fort Marathon 2013 in a team of two
  • Finished 5th in Bangalore Bikers Championship Race

Vivek in tough Himalayas


We plan to experiment several things in the course, such as:

  • Challenge projects: e.g. on Group / Venture growth
  • Seminar by industry experts (incl. India-Japan cooperation)
  • New concepts (International Competitiveness, Frameworks & Models, Industry value chain analysis, problem structuring)
  • Case Studies & Discussions (designed for B.Tech students)

While academic strength is appreciated, we aim at training holistic IITians who can climb stairs in corporate or other arenas.  Hence, learners with higher fitness (e.g. marathon if not triathlon or swimathon or higher) are expected to excel at learning in this practical course.  Aspiring learners keen to take the course are urged to start early on practices.  The course helps get learners compete for positions in internships, conferences,…articles for magazines / journals (e.g. Samsung case) related to competitiveness.

Interactive seminars can be planned for aspiring 2nd / 3rd year students, if anyone is keen to coordinate. Contact Pranusha at for the opportunity.


Swimathon14 for Group on Competitiveness (GoC)

The event which our Group on Competitiveness (GoC) awaits eagerly came at an auspicious time, peak of election heat.  The year is also exciting in many respects such as:

  • India will decide direction of its future through mega-poll & start working harder for better growth
  • In sports: we will see depth of Indian youth in Commonwealth , Youth Olympics and Asian Games; Olympics will need a few more years of preparation under dynamic leadership

The organizing team had planned more systematically this year. Better posters and banners were out well in time. Online registration  attracted large numbers, yet on-the-spot also saw many more. The event started well on time and pool was full of energy.


The swimmers enjoying the music in water

The swimmers enjoying the music in water

Here are some key notable elements for :

  • No. of persons completing climbed new peak of 48, a significant jump over the last year
  • Campusite (Sakshi Kale) ranked 1st with 30.6 KM, leaving B.Tech.  topper far behind (27.9 km); 6 girls completed (incl. 2 campusites)
  • First time we saw bigger group for SJMSOM
  • M.Mgt. also participated, completed and  enjoyed; massive jump from past levels
  • Faculty also participated and climbed a step; we look forward to better participation by faculty in coming years
The joy of enduring 12 hours (at 5:30 a.m.)

The joy of enduring 12 hours (at 5:30 a.m.)

More details of swimathon and triathlon can be seen at:http://gymkhana.iitb.ac.in/~swimclub/ Some pleasant surprises were there for us.  Our biathlon core members Pranusha and Tarun (both came from different hubs of India) also visited. Members of “Group on Competitiveness” got a live experiment to enjoy the spirit of IITB aquatics.  For a glimpse of exciting experiment, please have a look at the paper Pranusha presented in EU. We hope to send bigger group from SJMSOM in coming years, as GoC grow bigger and attracts more energetic members. The spirit of participants who endured the swimathon rekindles memories of a classic song:  

हम चलेंगे साथ साथ एक दिन… मन में है विश्वास….  

हमें उस दिन का इन्त्ज़ार है, जब हमारेदलके सदस्य अधिक ऊंचाई के लिए चुनौती लेने हेतु तैयार हो जाएंगे।  GoC welcomes such enduring learners in competitiveness offerings at IIT Bombay such as ‘Minor course in Management’ “International Competitiveness (MGT671),” mini-projects.   If very keen on swimathon, other higher level challenges and related research, feel free to contact “Group on Competitiveness” at momaya@iitb.ac.in with subject “Swimathon 2014 your name”